DSCN3381I believe supervision to be a crucial support in our ongoing development as therapists, providing a supportive and sometimes challenging environment to hone our reflective skills, deepen our clinical awareness and extend the boundaries of our learning.

In supervising individual therapists I aim to create a supervisory relationship that is faciliatative, blending support and challenge to create a learning environment that is rich and creative but which allows the supervisees to address the issues of concern, self-doubt and shame that can get in the way of their development as practitioners.

Over the years I have also provided supervision to a range of professional groups and I have worked extensively with teams of health care professionals (drug & alcohol, domestic violence, sexual assault & community counselling).  In working with these teams, I have sought to establish a trusting and collaborative environment where practitioners are able to reflect on complex clinical and group issues, while also building the knowledge base and expertise of the team.

My approach to this work reflects my gestalt training but emerges from broad understanding of professional supervision and its educative and ethical requirements.

I am available for individual or group supervision, and can be contacted to develop specific supervisory or educative programs for clinicians in various community and mental health settings.